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You learn best when you are relaxed. If your workday cannot accommodate a relaxed learning environment, you will advance more slowly and efforts will often end in frustration. At english ıIı expertise, we set out to find an alternative.
We will teach you whenever it suits you – in the evenings or on the weekend – and thanks to the latest technology, we can bring the lessons to wherever you are: your office, your hotel or your living room. You only need a computer with internet access, a headset and possibly  (but not necessarily) a webcam. english ıIı expertise scoured the internet for the best tools with which to enhance your learning experience and bring it as close as possible to a face-to-face lesson. We believe we have not only achieved this, but are convinced that Skype Lessons even have some advantages over traditional learning.


- Lessons take place whenever and wherever it suits you.
- Skype lessons cost less because there is no travel or room costs involved
- Courses are individually calibrated to your needs.
- We offer a wide range of lesson templates
- With the help of Google docs and Google hangouts as well as several others, we are able to edit texts together land even watch films and other media together.

Skype Lessons – Much more than just a phone call!


From 28 €/45 min lesson when you book a 25 lesson package.

Single lessons, cancellable at the end of each month are 32€/45min lesson.
10 prepaid lessons are 30€/45min lesson.
25 prepaid lessons are 28€/45min lesson.

Lesson Templates:

- English or German for Beginners
- Advanced English or German
- Conversational German or English
- Business English/German
- Academic English/German
- English/German Presentations
- Writing in English/German
- Small-talk Training
- English/German Homework Tutor
- English/German Exam Preparation

And many more.