Every language course is tailored precisely to the needs of your company. Each lesson is structured according to our successful 4-Step Method.

1. Vocabulary Lists

2. Grammar

In the course of every lesson, your teacher will carefully note the vocabulary that you need and will put together individual vocabulary lists. You will then be tested on these words and phrases in the following weeks, ensuring that your vocabulary grows steadily. Grammar helps us to express what we think in a comprehensible way. However, everyone learns grammar differently. We improve your understanding in this area, helping you to be more confident and secure in your active language use.

3. Multimedia

4. Texts

Videos, audio material and educational software create an authentic Business English atmosphere in your company. We also use role plays and dialogue practice to simulate various conversational and business situations, and to develop knowledge of dialect and culture. Improve your language skills with topical texts relevant to your field of work, and discuss real business topics confidently in English. Enjoy caricatures and short comic strips which will expose you to the unique Anglo-Saxon sense of humour.