On these pages you will find various offers. Have fun while expanding your vocabulary with a Crossword. Ask Dr. Stanley, he can help with all those little questions you never got to ask about the English language. Want to expand your language knowledge? Why not do it in your spare time too? Check out our Event Tips for English-speaking activities of all kinds throughout the Rhineland. Our Links could open whole new doors to fun ways to improve your English!


Ask the Doctor

If you are interested in further English language resources, our diverse Links are perhaps just what you need.

You've never understood why native speakers always burst out laughing when you use a particular phrase? You always wanted to know how to translate something specific? Ask the Doctor! He'll know the answer...


Event Tips

Test yourself with a crossword! Crosswords are a great way to develop your vocabulary while having fun. Check this space for new challenges!

You would like to practice English outside the classroom? Here you can find some tips for events in an English language environment. Cinema, concerts, theater, and much more await you...